Sheboygan Municipal Auditorium and Armory Stories Wanted

Many community members have fond memories of the Sheboygan Auditorium and Armory. In an effort to collect and preserve the memories of the Armory, the City of Sheboygan is requesting residents submit their stories online or via a local phone number. The website for has been setup to collect stories and enable residents to view stories from other community members. Select stories may be featured in an upcoming documentary being produced on the Armory from construction to demolition. Interested participants will need to register first on the website and then will be receive an email with a link to upload the story/memory and any content.

City to have fencing installed around Armory site this month

The City of Sheboygan will have fencing installed surrounding the Municipal Auditorium and Armory this month. In the spring of 2019 the city requested demolition bids which requested that the contractors be willing to install fencing surrounding the building to “discourage passersby from conceiving clever ideas for re-use or rehabilitation.” It was announced Monday, that the city would move forward with those plans. Before actual demolition will take place crews must complete interior work, including further abatement work of asbestos glazed windows and other building elements. The contractor estimates demolition will not be complete for six months. City leaders have been working towards clearing the site for years.