Sheboygan Municipal Auditorium and Armory Stories Wanted

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Many community members have fond memories of the Sheboygan Auditorium and Armory. In an effort to collect and preserve the memories of the Armory, the City of Sheboygan is requesting residents submit their stories online or via a local phone number. The website for has been setup to collect stories and enable residents to view stories from other community members. Select stories may be featured in an upcoming documentary being produced on the Armory from construction to demolition.

Interested participants will need to register first on the website and then will be receive an email with a link to upload the story/memory and any content.

Residents that do not have access to upload content on the Armory, can bring the memorabilia to the Mead Public Library. The Library will need to digitize the information and catalog it in their collection of information.

The website will be available through September 6, 2020 for submissions, and published submissions will be available to the public on the website through July 2021. The City is also interested in any memorabilia that you might have like a ticket, brochure, or program from the event. If you care to share that information, the website will allow uploading options.

For people who do not have internet access, please call 920-453-0300 to leave a message with your name, contact information, and story. City staff will review the messages at this number and follow-up as needed.

Help create history by submitting your stories and experiences of the Sheboygan Armory. Stories that help infill the timeline from construction to demolition may be selected to participate in additional interviewing for the documentary.

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