Mayor Vandersteen, city staff, test positive for the Coronavirus

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City of Sheboygan Mayor, Mike Vandersteen, and other city staff including Director of Planning and Development, Chad Pelishek have allegedly tested positive for Coronavirus in the last ten days.

MySheboygan contacted Mayor Vandersteen’s office early afternoon Wednesday, Nov. 11th, to substantiate claims that he may be sick and were told he would respond to our inquiry. At time of writing we have received no further communication from the mayor, or his office. Since MySheboygan initially contacted his office, he reportedly notified the Sheboygan Press that he had tested positive for the virus on Tuesday.

Multiple sources have also alleged that Director of Planning and Development, Chad Pelishek, as well as other city employees, have also recently contracted the virus. MySheboygan has submitted an open records request to verify this information, but as of the time of writing, has not received a response.

We will update this story as more information is received.