Common Council seeks to appoint current council president Todd Wolf as City Administrator

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In a special meeting to be held on tomorrow, June 22, at 6 pm, Sheboygan common council president Todd Wolf plans to resign from his position. Then, after a closed session final interview, common council will vote on a resolution submitted by Alderpersons Donahue and Sorenson to appoint Todd Wolf as the new City Administrator effective July 7.

This latest reshuffling will take place after the current administrator, Darrell Hofland announced his July 3 retirement and submitted his resignation in late April.

The City Administrator role was added in 2011 after the council stripped the mayor of certain duties in the wake of the Bob Ryan scandal. Since then, the position has been tasked with overseeing day-to-day operations in city departments, and except for a few remaining powers, the mayor’s office is mostly ceremonial.

Alderperson Wolf will come into his new position while the city is facing a number of extremely difficult challenges. Besides the obvious pandemic and its economic fallout, city leadership will need to address problems in the H.R. and Finance departments uncovered in a February 7 report completed by CLA Sheboygan, the expiration of the city’s strategic plan, and budgetary shortfalls, especially those caused by the closing of the Edge Water Power Plant.

Our sources tell us that Wolf’s familiarity with these issues, was one of the primary reasons he was ultimately selected for the position. The feeling is that rather than have to await a potential new hire to leave their current position and then have to get them up to speed, Wolf will be able to get to work tackling these issues immediately.

As City Administrator, Wolf will be paid $150,000 annually, which will be prorated for the 2020 year, and will receive an annual raise of not less than 1.7% as long as he meets the council’s defined goals and expectations.