Wisconsin’s primary election is today

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Primaries for state and local races take place today to narrow the field for the April 7th spring election. Today’s primary does not include U.S. presidential candidates. The presidential primary will coincide with the aforementioned April 7th spring election.

For most Sheboygan county voters, only the Wisconsin supreme court candidates, Jill Karofsky, Ed Fallone, and Daniel Kelly, will be on today’s ballot. Kelly, a Scott Walker appointee, is a member of the court’s conservative majority and has received support from conservative groups. Fallone and Karofsky say they would join the court’s liberal minority and have received support from liberal groups.

The two candidates with the highest vote totals in today’s primary will be on the ballot for the April 7th election.

People in the City of Sheboygan’s 6th district, district 20 in Sheboygan County, or Random Lake will have additional primaries on their ballots.

Generally, to see what’s on your ballot and to find your voting location you can visit myvote.wi.gov, however, their service is currently experiencing issues. They are directing people to https://gttp.votinginfoproject.org/ to obtain the information instead.